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Please provide us with signed service agreements (if you haven't done so already), participant data files and funding by 12/23/2022. We will process all requests received in good order before year end on a best effort basis. Agreements, data files and funding received "not in good order" in the final business days of the year are at risk of having the rollover process delayed beyond the close of the 2022 taxable year.

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We offer a suite of IRA and retirement services to meet your evolving needs – all designed to help you reduce costs and liabilities, and better serve plan participants.

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*We practice 256 bit encryption and the account creation process is automated with extensive logging to ensure that each participant's account is created accurately and with the appropriate level of security. Participation information typically includes the participant's name, address, social security number, birth date, amount, and plan name. With this information, we automatically open accounts and send notification to the participant. Confirmation of received information and account opening is provided to the plan sponsor.